Resume, February 2004

1. Personal Information

Name :Ernesto Cuadros Vargas.
E-mail : ecuadros AT icmc DOT usp DOT br
Address : ICMC-USP

Av. do Trabalhador São-Carlense, 400 - Centro - Cx. Postal 668
São Carlos - SP
Brazil            CEP 13560-970
Phone: +55-16-273-9646 (Brazil)

2. Education

Indexing and Searching Multimedia Data using and Intelligent Techniques.
This project is being carried out between USP-Brazil and Carnegie Mellon University (Prof.
Christos Faloutsos-See references).

3. Professional Experience
    Systems Analyst and C++ Programmer (Nov 1993 - Oct 1995) Senior since June 1994
            Informatic Institute of the National University of San Agustin. Arequipa-Peru.
    Senior Programmer Olympus Srl. Arequipa-Peru. September 1998-August 1999.

  Object Oriented Programming with Visual C++. UNA. Puno - Peru. Invited Professor. Graduate School. January-February 2000.
      Operating Systems, Neural Networks.
UNSA. Arequipa-Peru.  .April 1999 until now.
Data Structures. UNA. Puno-Peru. Summer Course. 1999.
      Applied Informatics for Medicine.
UCSM-Arequipa-Peru. Graduate School. November 1998 – July 1999.
      Neural Networks.  (Invited Professor).
UCSM-Arequipa-Peru.  Graduate School. November 1998 – July 1999.
      Neural Networks USP-Brazil. Undergraduate. 1998.
      Data Structures. USPBrazil . Summer School Graduate School. Summer 1997.
      Graphs Theory. USP - Brazil: Undergraduate. 1997.
      Computer Graphics, Introduction to Compilers, Operational Research.
UCSM. Arequipa-Peru. 1996.
      Object Oriented Programming II.
Instituto del Sur. Arequipa-Peru. 1995.

4. Publications
Full list of Publications, .

5. Main interests
Data Structures involved in Databases performance
Multi-Threading, Templates, ATL, WTL, COM and specially Data Structures
Spatial, Metric and Convencional Data Structures
Object Oriented Programming (Most of the time I work with MS Visual C)
COM (Component Object Model)
Neural Networks, Self-Organizing Maps (like Growing Neural Gas)

6. References

    Roseli A Francelin Romero, PhD
        Instituto de Ciências Matemáticas e Computação
        University of São Paulo-Brazil

   Christos Faloutsos, PhD
        School of Computer Science
        Carnegie Mellon University-USA

   Klaus Obermayer, PhD
        School of Computer Science
        Technishen Universitat Berlin, Germany

   Andre Carlos Ponce de Leon Ferreira de Carvalho, PhD
        Instituto de Ciências Matemáticas e Computação
        University of São Paulo-Brazil